Raccoon attack *yesterday* - eyes closed, wet breathing, no interest in food/water - no improvement

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    Aug 2, 2011
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    I have a 3.5yr-old barred rock hen that was attacked by a raccoon yesterday morning. She is the friendliest chicken we've ever had and is the family pet, so simply putting her down is not an option - both my mother and brother are completely devastated, having lost 3 hens to predators prior to this event and realizing that the raccoon must be killed or the rest of the birds face the same fate. The hen is still fighting so I'm looking for ways to help her heal.

    She was apparently attacked on the head - both ears and one nostril were bleeding when they found her and she has since been oozing blood from her mouth, which has built up over the past 24 hours and her mouth is now thick and sticky with blood. There is also a thick, whitish substance now oozing from her mouth.

    Her breathing is labored and her crop inflates when she inhales. She is exerting a great deal of effort to inhale. Sometimes she feels well enough to "talk" to me, while sometimes she is exhausted by the effort to breathe. I suspect a punctured lung but am not sure how to confirm. I have found no external injuries, though the incredible density of her winter down makes it difficult even to bare her skin.

    She will not open either of her eyes or let me touch them long enough to open them. I cannot tell if they are damaged, but there is no evidence of that from visual inspection (no bleeding or oozing, etc).

    She will not take water from a dropper and has no interest in food. If her lungs and digestive system have somehow been damaged or the tissue between them ruptured, I am hesitant to give antibiotics as I don't want them to cause even more harm. I do have Tylan50 on hand if needed.

    Any suggestions are much appreciated. At this point TLC is all I know to do for her - she is awake and aware, but I'm not sure she will make it.

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    TLC is about all you can do at this point. Try to wipe off any thick secretions. Keep her warm and in a quiet room with close access to food and water in case she wants it. Antibiotics probably would not hurt, but may not help much if she has a lot of internal injuries. It's OK to just keep her comfortable. If she is going to get better, you will see in in 1-2 more days. Good luck.

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