Raccoon Attack

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    My Munroe was attacked by a raccoon (I think) Thanksgiving night. We chased the raccoon off, found him laying on the ground and brought him in right away. No open wounds other than a few chunks of feathers yanked right out with open follicles where the feather used to be. A couple bloody spots on his comb too. He's eating and drinking a little but he's all hunched up and twitching. He hobbles around and will flap his wings occasionally so I don't think anything is broken. Is this some kind of neurological or muscle damage?? He's almost standing upright like his whole chest is sunken in. Any help would be greatly appreciated![​IMG]
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    He probably was roughed up a bit, and you may not know the extent of his injuries for a couple of weeks. When he is aspleep on his roost, you may want to pick him up and examine him thoroughly for any puncture or hidden wounds. Head or back injury could be possible. He may be really sore or still a bit in shock. Offer him his usual feed in a bowl with some water, bits of egg, and a tablespoonful of plain yogurt. Canned tuna or beef liver chopped up are usually also attractive. It took my hen who was attacked by a dog about a month to get back to normal. There is a good thread by doing a search at the top of this page for "Go team tube feeding" that is good to show you how to tube feed if he needs that. Good luck, and let us know how he gets along.

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