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My Coop
My Coop
This morning my first thought walking out of the door was "Oh no, Oh no...." because one of my BA/EEs was standing in the yard and she had been in my locked up coop sleeping last time I had seen her. So I grabbed a flashlight and ran to the coop. The first thing I say was feathers and the hole.....
First let me say that the hole was made in a raccoon attack this summer, I had metal sheets on both sides to try to prevent another attack. But I had removed the inside sheet because it kept falling on the hens.
So back to this morning, after seeing the feathers the first thing I look at were foot prints, raccoon foot prints. Then I flew into doing a head count and counting the hen outside I got a head count of 16 hens, Chipmunk, Red, and all the extra boys. That is two hens short, next thought was "One of the barred girls (either a BR or EE/BR cross) is died and someone else is died or just hiding in the woods". I came back inside and unfortunately had to go to school.
I came home, cut some sunflower heads and started seeing which hens where around. One of the BR girls is gone, but in my really fast not that accurate count (moving chickens are hard to count) that showed about 15 outside and 2 in the coop which means if I didn't count someone twice, I have only lost one girl. I'm not sure which of the BR girls is gone though I had 2, Juliet and Dolly.
So sorry about your chicken.
Do everything you can to "proof" your coop and run. Once they have gotten a good meal at your place, they will be back.
Dora'smom :

Do everything you can to "proof" your coop and run. Once they have gotten a good meal at your place, they will be back.

The last coon that messed with me and my chickens is no longer alive, so I'll be setting a Havaheart trap and if I catch him (or her) the will not be leaving alive.

I'm so sorry. You are lucky it was only 1 though. Raccoons are vicious. I hope you can get that hole patched up quick.

It looks like I'm going to be replacing the whole back wall, the roof seems to drain right down it causing it to weaken and rot.

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