raccoon attack


7 Years
May 22, 2012
had a raccoon attack my coop and tore off chicken wire on my coop, got ahold of one off my reds and pulled her leg completly out of the socket, there is no leg there and shes not bleeding. she is eating and drinking is she gonna be ok? What should i do?
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sorry for the circumstances. First of all, fortify your coop with hardware cloth, and lock your birds up each night. Your hen may survive. Chickens can be extremely resilient in their recuperative powers. Lots of chickens have survived with one leg. My biggest concern would be keeping her safe from maggot infestation. If you have an avian vet in your area a visit would be recommended.
we fortified the coop five days ago, and again today we think we have it secured. we lost 13 birds that day it was awful my sis in law doctored my baby duck ans she came home yesterday, her face was mangled she is def and blind on 1 side and her beak is on the mend. i have a local vet i will take her there tomorow, i put her in a small kennel and shes seperated from the flock. thank you is there something i can put on her wound to clean it that is safe?

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