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    Sep 12, 2012
    I need your help!
    Saturday morning we saw a raccoon that grabbed one of our buffs through the fence. Well she was still inside the fenced area so he must have gotten her with his hand. She was dead when we got there and we saw the raccoon runaway.
    My poor Buffs were all in shock so I had to carry them inside!
    When it got lighter outside I noticed that one of them got injured!
    I cleaned the wound and tried to open her eye with a warm cloth. She keeps it shut but I can see from the outside that she is moving it. Her side is swollen.
    I feel so sorry for her.
    How should I teat it? Put a antibiotic cream on it? What is withe the swollen part?

    She was walking around outside today. Slower then the other once of course! I don't think they bother her but should I keep her separate?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Jan 17, 2013
    Hi I'm sorry about your attack. I would bring her inside for healing time. I would clean the wound with a cleaner but you don't want to use anything with caine in it because its not good for chickens. For the swelling you can start her on a general anti infective antibiotic. Such as LA 200 or a penicillin. Seeing if the antibotic helps reduce her swelling.
    She could have some internal injurys that you can't see. Keep her warm and in a quiet area for shock. For her eye you can try collidial silver drops. you can get
    them at any health food store. You want to get the
    kind with at least 500 parts per million of silver..it
    works well in the eyes as a natural antiseptic and has
    some antibotic properties. You should observe her
    to find out the extent of her damages.is she eating
    and drinking? If not you may want to consider tube
    feeding her. In a pinch you can use clean fish air tube
    for for the tube you can use a food called exact by
    kaytee it has all the nutrition she will need with
    omegas and probotics and it flows nicely through the
    syringe and tube. For more information on how to do
    this search tube feeding in the BYC search. I really hope this helps and wish you the best. .

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