Raccoon in the hen house! Wounded hen...HELP!


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Got home tonight after a b'day BBQ - hadn't secured the pop-up door that leads from the coop run out into the larger extended yard. Heard screeching from the hen house, ran back, husband opened the egg door and was looking eye - to - eye at a racoon. A BIG raccoon.

He chased the thing out of the hen house, out of the run and up a tree. We gathered up the 7 hens and screwed shut that pop door for the night. One of the hens was badly injured. Her head has no feathers (although the comb is intact), you can see puncture wounds, and it appears there is no skin - or it's very bloody on the top and 2" down of her head/neck. No other obvious injuries.

She's, of course, acting like she's in shock. I've brought her into the garage and placed her in a tall cardboard box with some pine shavings.

I honestly don't know if she'll make it.

So, what do I do now?

Thank you!
There's a thread from a couple days ago with "eye ripped out" which is very similar to your situation. There were several good suggestions there. There was also some info in a thread with "scalped" in the title.
Thank you! She's still alive this morning, and is resting peacefully in a big cardboard box in the garage on some pine shavings. I just fed the pugs, and checked on the girls in the henhouse, and all seems to be well with them. I'm going to get them some watermelon today. Poor girls!

And thanks for the links. I will look at those now.
Thanks for the advice, going out to get a few first aid things and will post some pics when i get a chance. I noticed that you have two pugs? We do too! Just love puggies.
One of those nightmares for our girls thta we try to avoid. I'm sorry that happened.
The only suggestion that I can think of...your hen will need to get on some strong antibiotics and fast. Bite wounds are very dirty. Do you still have the coon where you can send it off to be tested? I hope she mends quickly!
The raccoon went up a tree and stayed there while we gathered the girls and put them in their (now) very secure coop. Could she get rabies? I didn't think chickens could. Could I get rabies from handling her? Geez, I've already been picking her up and putting her down.

She's very, very out of it. Not sure she can see - although that might be the shock. She did eat a bit of yogurt off my finger though, but isn't moving much (she's standing up).
Thanks for the advice, going out to get a few first aid things and will post some pics when i get a chance. I noticed that you have two pugs? We do too! Just love puggies.

Haha yup! I have two pugs who are turning 10 in a week! I love them, but I won't be getting any more after this. They just have so many health problems and it's only gotten worse as they've aged
. I do love me some puggies though


Shock is her biggest enemy right now and could kill her. Electroltyes for shock. Pedialtye or gatorade will do in a pinch. Can spritz some on watermelon or other fruit she really likes and try to get her to take some. Can also put in water. Refrigerate Pedialtye or Gatorade after opening and make fresh batches for her frequently.

Rescue Remedy may have a beneficial calming effect (Bach flower remedy available at most health food stores and some good pharmacies). Drop or two in her drinking water. (could ry a drop on a piece of grape or blueberry half or anything else she is willing to take.

Pain relief may be crucial to her having the will to recover. It's Memorial Day so a vet not likely around to prescribe something that is not a blood thinner - aspirin water can be effective but since it's a blood thinner you have to be careful if the bird is actively bleeding or you suspect internal injuries. When administered, 1 baby aspirin (81 mg) crushed into one cup drinking water is okay dose. Change out to fresh batch at least once daily. If she is not drinking willingly, you can try dunking bits of favorite fruit in aspirin water and hand feed to her...

Needless to say the pred will be back. At dusk birds will need to be safely secured to avoid any other sad situations like this one.

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