Raccoon killed my Salmon Faverolle; I only got one WHACK in...

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Nic&Chickies, Aug 14, 2011.

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    ...with a rake/tiller tool before I tripped over --into-- an open water dish in the run. My soggy pants leg might've been funny, but for the lifeless body of my Phoebe just a few feet away, and not knowing where the creature took off to. I checked the other girls, and realized Wendy (the Wyandotte) was outside the coop. I picked her up, and she kinda fought me=didn't want to go back inside. I saw a bunch of what I think were her feathers, but no sign of blood on her. (Gotta re-check in the light of day)
    The feathers in and around the nest box told me that earlier, after she got fresh air with the rest of the girls, Phoebe resumed her broodiness, and was probably that much easier for the 'coon to get to. That, plus my thinking I had 'cooped them up' but, in fact, had not yet; just let the darn thing come right on in (it was like deja-vu from last month)
    [​IMG] Phoebe on the right next to Garcia, who turned out to be a roo, back in April. [​IMG]The other 9, posing for a group portrait. (Was this a cosmic warning?)
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    Aw I am so sorry about Phoebe [​IMG] Sounds like you need to get a havaheart trap and catch a coon! I hope Wendy is okay! [​IMG]

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    time for some payback.sounds like you need a chicken friendly big dog or maybe a shotgun ifn the dog thang don't work!!!

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