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Jan 21, 2017
I’ve lost three young hens and a mature hen in the past two weeks. To protect them I put them in a stall in my barn with wire on the window and the barn doors closed. The mature one was obviously attacked in the stall and dragged up over the barn door (there is a space between the roof and the rafters). Last night I lost the last one, a young hen I had put in a large dog cage inside the stall to protect. When I went to let he out this morning, she was dead in the cage and it was clear something had reached in and killed her. I assume this is a raccoon but I’m not sure. I’ve had chickens 8 years and nothing like this has ever happened. I’ve lost my entire flock this year. Any advice?
I am so very sorry for your loss! No advice here as I have not had to deal with predator problems yet. Are you going to start a new flock? Best wishes with what ever you decide.
Welcome, and I'm sorry for your losses.
Raccoons will do this, and it's ugly. Before you get more chickens, redo your coop and run, because the beasts will return for more chicken dinners.
Live trap only if you will then shoot the offenders!
Pictures of your set-up will help us help you redesign things.

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