Raccoon-Proof Window Screens--Pics

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    Just thought some may want to know how we do our large windows so they may be kept open all night in summer and still keep the flock safe from all predators (except maybe a bear-bears go where bears want to go, of course).

    This method was just tested over the last two nights by a large raccoon who tried in vain to gain access through this window--his foot prints were on the window ledge, showing he was standing on his hind legs, trying to push into the coop. Naturally, the screen held tight. Heard the 9 week old cockerel who roosts on that short bar closest to the window alarming loudly on the baby monitor. If that had been chicken wire, he'd be dead since the coon would have reached through the wire and pulled him through, eating him one bite at a time, or just ripped into the coop and killed everyone inside.

    This is the window in the newest coop which houses our Belgian D'Anvers. The sashes can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom from outside. The interior screen is made from a 2x2 frame backed by hardware cloth which is attached by screws backed by washers. The screen is installed on the inside of the coop, hinged on the left side. Closure is by two spring loaded gate hooks, one top and one bottom, on the right, then for added security, a bolt is screwed into the wall, through a hole in the 2x2 frame and held there by a wing nut on the outside of the frame. The only time we need to release the wing nut is when we want to clean the interior of the window.
    See pics below.

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    May 23, 2011
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    Great screen! Thanks for sharing, and glad to hear that it is working!
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    Honestly, it's the only way to go here in the North Georgia mountains. Nothing is getting in that window, other than a black bear, or maybe a human with wirecutters and lots of patience. Of course, we'd hear that over the baby monitor. A human could naturally come through the human door, if he can figure out how to get it open.
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    May 24, 2011
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    Thanks for sharing! we're still working on our coop and definitely window safety is a top concern!
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    Thanks for sharing these photos-very helpful! Also-I never thought about a baby monitor-maybe having one would help me sleep better at night.
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    Excellent and practical design, especially for cross-ventilation. Thanks especially for posting the pictures for those of us who are visual learners!

    What kind of heat index are you dealing with right now? Do you have a temperature gauge in the coop?
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    Hi, Love the design of your screens. Plan to do the exact sme thing. For now I just fastened the hardware cloth over the rough opening of the windows. Eventually will remove, build frames like yours and re install. had so much more to do, just did it quick and easy for now.
    Are ya familiar with Ellijay, Ga.? due north out of ATL...will be there next Wednesday helping re-build an animal rescue shelter with volunteers from across the country. It was destroyed by a tornado. We do this every year on the anniversary of 9/11. Just curious as to location of Ellijay and your town. It's in the start of the Chattahooche National Forest. Take care.
    Thanks for sharing the great idea.
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    Yay I'm not the only one using a baby monitor for security. Good job making a predator proof window!
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    May 31, 2011
    This is awesome! I just sent pictures to my husband at work and told him to stop by the hardware store on the way home, this is his evening project.

    I lost 1/2 of my flock in the past two weeks (to what I thought was a fox or stray dogs) only to have caught 4 very nasty racoons in our live traps. These crazy racoons were even killing them during the day, there was no rhyme or reason to the attacks so we assumed... dogs. In case we were wrong we started sitting live traps and caught 4 big mean coons. They were relocated; and we haven't lost any birds in five days now, but the poor things have been locked up tight in the barn all night. It has been so hot (85 degrees at night; w/ the heat index 105-115 during the day) I can tell they are miserable. I had been leaving thier little door open all night just to get some ventilation in the barn. They free range all day, but the coop is fenced in - for days they can't go out and wander, but it is just a standard 5 ft. chain link fence, no match for a determined raccoon.

    So tonight, we can close the door and open the windows with no more worries. Such a great idea... [​IMG]
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