Raccoons are savage

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    In spite of trying to keep them safe, have lost a lot of chickens over the years to a vast array of predators. But never like this and never more than one or two in a week. Until a couple nights ago.
    My flock is locked in their house at night, which is attacked to a small run, that also is closed and locked. They spend their days in a large area, where there is patches of tall grass to hide from hawks if necessary. That area is behind a 4ft chain link fence. I honestly thought they would be as close to bulletproof as they could get without being locked up in a cage 24/7. However, Thursday night around 9pm, I went out to lock them in for the evening and right inside the chain link gate is a little body. So sad, but these things happen, especially to the animal at the bottom of the food chain. Then, I saw another. Then, another and another....
    I lost 19 out of 20 chickens that night. Only Wowie remains. I didn't know what the predator was until last night when we saw the giant raccoon try to come back over the fence. We set a live trap, but it's not interested.
    So my questions are:
    1. How can I beef up security in the chicken yard? I can't leave Wowie locked up forever. and
    2. Does anyone know how to catch a raccoon? Because I will avenge all the carnage and savagery.
    Thanks in advanced,
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    So sorry! :hugs I recently lost two pheasants worth $600 to them suckers. Shooting them and electric wire are your best options. Trapping and releasing them does nothing but give them an opportunity to find their way back or cause somebody else the same problem. If you have a 22 that works the best. We have killed 10 coons and 2 opossum running around my coops in the last week! I would get Wowie a friend asap, chickens do not like being alone.
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    Jun 7, 2018
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    Although paw traps are effective, they are unethical. I'd recommend an electric wire and a few of the cage-looking traps that lock the raccoons inside.
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    This probably sound inhumane, but when you catch it, kill it slowly. There was no reason to kill 19 birds. If it was only one or two and where eaten, I would say kill it quick. I absolutely hate coons.
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    Mar 11, 2018
    One raccoon killed 19 chickens at one time? Are you sure there is not any other possible predator working with the raccoon?
  7. penny1960

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    Haveahart is a brand of trap but then shoot the darn thing do not open it until the animal is dead
  8. An animal is an animal. It doesn't comprehend pets, it comprehends that it's an opportunistic omnivore. No animal deserves to be tortured. If it has to be put down, then do it cleanly and humanely. Deliberately torturing an animal is one of the most contemptible acts that a human can undertake.

    Improve your flock defenses, eliminate the opportunities for a raccoon or other opportunistic predator to get to the birds. Kill the raccoon if necessary. But do not torture an animal for the crime of being an animal.
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    The have a heart traps DO NOT work on coons, sadly. They are too smart. I dont know where to get the paw trap mentioned above, but I am told you can make a trap out of a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, and a small hole in the side just big enough for the racoon paw, and a shiny object too big to get through the hole. The racoon wont let go of the shiny thing, so you can shoot the racoon. There is no compromise on killing the coon, unless youd like to forever give up on having chickens. Once they get chicken from your property, they will never stop. Sorry.
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    Electric fence!! Why have I never thought of that?! It shall be the first thing on the agenda tomorrow. Thank you!!

    Oh, I wasn't going to release the raccoon back into the world. We were using a live trap so my husband could show the same pleasantries that he showed my little chickens, but away from the eyes of the kids.

    I want to, but I have only killed spiders and flies, so I don't think I could do it. My husband will do it, but quickly and with a gun. He's probably more pissed than I am, because he had to listen to me sob about it for days. :)

    Not sure at all, but they only thing we have seen is a raccoon. There are very few animals bold enough to do create such chaos when it's still light out and with my 2 big dogs in the yard on the other side of the fence. I didn't know anything had that kind of nerve until that day.

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