Feb 23, 2018
St. Robert MO
The thing that sucks when living in the woods. Had a live trap set up in front of a large kennel with a young cockerel in it. (Nothing but a snake could get the cockerel.)

Was going for a fox but ended up with this huge boy.
Wow, what a catch. We just lost our beautiful 7 month old cockerel to a beast of a raccoon. They are sneaky and killed him in the most awful way, hope all birds are safe!
All birds are safe. Had to put them in a well kept garage due to the fox tearing huge holes in the coop. Not sure if this is what got my quail but he wont be around for much longer to get anymore
Glad you got him!
Please don't release any raccoons, no matter how 'cute'! In most states, it's legal to release trapped varmits on your same property, or on private land within the same county with landowner permission. Nowhere else!
I've talked to conservationist here, they dont care unless I try to release on someone else's private land. I would rather give young ones a chance to live out where they are supposed to be
Agreed with Folly.
Also, bigger problem imo, is that it's often difficult to trap the same coon twice. So you relocate them into a public space but most of that's probably other coons territory already, so they move onto someone elses adjacent land, then they're harder to catch.

Coons are a menace. One killed my whole flock last year.

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