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Jun 30, 2011
Marrrero La.
Last week Ricky Raccoon tried to have supper with my 5, 12 week old pullets. He was distracted by the aroma from the Friskes tuna pate in our trap. This is the ninth coon we have trapped in the last 5 years. I live near Jean Lafitte National Park (Marrero, La.) I relocated the first 7 on the other side of the park (which is mainly a large swamp). There they could entertain the visiters to the park or become gator food it was up to the coon what they became. Then a Park Ranger informed me that it was illegal to release domesticated animals into the park. I told him I didn't raise the coon, he said if it came from a residencial area they consider it Domesticated. So now I just shoot them with a 22 rifle ,very quite, put them in a lawn size trash bag and send them to the land fill. Last night another coon enjoyed the pate in the trap. He is now in raccoon heaven. I still need to trap the possum I've seen in the yard.
I saw a coon run down the road when I was on my way home from a meeting I scared me im afraid its gonna get my ducks but my dad wont shoot em well.... He will but he dont get to them fast enough luckily they cant get to my ducks.

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