Rachel is in the E.R, no idea why. Prayers?


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May 6, 2009
Akron, Ohio
Hey all! Last night at teen group, i noticed that my very dear friend Rachel wasnt around. In the middle of the presentation, one of the leaders stood up and told us that she had been taken to the E.R earlier, because she fainted in church. Nobody knows whats wrong, but im really worried. My older sister had anorexia, and Rachel has a few signs ( super skinny...now shes fainting) so please pray!!!
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Im really worried about her having anorexia or something of that sort. My sister has been suffering from it for several years now, and its hellish, literally.
Good gracious, I hope she is alright! In my prayers, along with your sister
My sister is doing better than she was a few years ago (started going to church again
) but if Rachel is just heading in....
that its nothing more serious then a simple dizzy spell
Maybe just hadn't eaten recently and blood sugar got too low? If she's of a small stature and a teen, I'd suspect anemia, too. I found out I had really low iron by fainting in a stall where we were trying to get a trot line hook out of a cow's lip.
Prayers it's nothing serious and is easily treated. Let us know when you hear how she's doing.

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