Racing Heart...something came too close for comfort...UPDATE Pg 2**


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Okay. I went out to check the girls in the garage and was sitting on my front deck just looking at the moon and stars...and for some reason I was unarmed.

I heard movement in the wooded area beside the garage and grabbed a flashlight I keep on the table and took a look. I saw a set of eyes that I have never seen before.

Perfectly round, close set about the size of golfballs and very Red/Orange. By no means a cat or deer, not a bear, not a coon or fox. If it was a possum it was a world record and about the size of a german sherpard

It turned and moved away and I could not see the animal because of a tree so I dismissed the matter and sat back down.

Not 30 seconds later I heard movement about 20 feet from me behind my van (which is closer to me than the eyes were) and I smelled a faint skunk smell which had been stronger when I came out to check the girls...I look around for the movement and this critter made the loudest most scarey and unusal sound I have ever heard and it was VERY close to me. I jumped, turned and ran inside to grab the rifle. it was gone when I got back outside or at least I could not find it.

In 45 years I have never heard a sound like was a cross between a mountain lion's "bark", a bobcat's scream and a raccoon's growl. I am still shaking and I am not the girlie or whimpy type at all. The eyes I saw just before the noise were about 2' from the ground level. It was loud enough that it woke my husband who was on the backside of the house sound asleep with the TV going...I was on the front deck.

Any ideas what this thing could have been? Whatever it was, it had obviously scared a skunk before I walked outside and caused skunk to spray but this thing was without a doubt yelling at me. Okay, my heart rate as slowed back to normal and the shaking is about gone...I am going to take some aspirin and go to bed. Hopefully, someone knows or has an idea what just gave me a warning.

Nite nite all.
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Ok, I have no idea, as I am as far away from you as one could get (NH).
My first thought was cougar, then bear. You said no on both. you have wolverines out there? they are related to skunks/weasels I believe, could it have made the stink? While I hope you dont see it again, for your safety as well as your birds, I hope you or someone else does so we can find out what it is. I love a good mystery.

Good luck, stay safe.
Oh jeesh!!!!! I have no idea what it could have been....but I would have been scared as well. I hope all the chickens are safe and sound. Now that its daylight....go look for tracks. Hope whatever it doesnt come back!
I don't want you to think I am trying to be condescending, but are you positive it wasn't a fox? They will give a bone-chilling yodel type scream that sounds like something is being killed. I still jump when I hear it, and they will look right at you when they are doing it!

I also know that fisher cats are making a comeback, but I don't know what noise they make. And I am not sure they are that tall?

I would make sure I had my gun with me when I was sitting out there! Whatever it was, it's a good thing you were out there, it was probably scoping out your chickens! If you could invest in a game cam, that might make you more at ease, knowing what you are dealing with. I think you can pick one up for around $30. So, not terribly expensive, and would be worth the peace of mind!

Let us know if you figure out what it was!


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