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Mar 27, 2017
Ocean County, NJ
Hello Everyone!
I don't post must but I am ALWAYS reading and gaining new info from here. so Thank you! New to poultry 5 chickens since march and 3 ducks since april
Well I feel like a terrible Duck mom as the first night my 3 ducks stayed outside, my "littlest" duck Plucky was attacked by what we think was a raccoon, THANKFULLY she is ok (vet checked and on meds/creams for wounds) and I think she beat the crap out of the coon! So we went through and added more security and still going. I'm just scared it will happen again so my other ducks have been staying in the chicken coop (no problems with them for couple months) while Plucky has been back inside with extra TLC for wounds.
Their enclosure has chicken wire about 6ft tall and netting over top, we have since tacked everything down MORE and put railroad ties around the bottom along with bigger rocks and soon fill in with stone.
Guess I'm looking for ideas/advice on the enclosure and reassurance I'm not the worst duck mom in history!

This is before improvements around bottom. Chickens are a bit smaller so I was able to chicken wire the whole thing... might just have to do that with the ducks
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