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Apr 10, 2011
First off, I'll note we are a little larger than "backyard," as we will have a few sets of 50-100 chicks going through our small farm this year. Last year, after going through probably 4-5 red heat lamp bulbs, I'm considering getting a different style of heater, perhaps this one from Cutler's Supply. This is not the ceramic, light-bulb-socket type heater. Has anyone had experience with these? The heat bulbs seem to fragile, burning out easily and quickly. By not using bulbs, I'm hoping a radiant heater like this could actually pay for itself rather quickly, for the volume of birds we do.
Interesting sould work fine .Only downside is elect bill 600 w running all the time at my rate 12cents PKH is about $50.00 a month OUCH...We live in warmer are of states.Light freeze a few times a year and What we call hard freeze ( teens )every 5 to 10 years So its not cold country.What I have done is ;Brinsea Eco-glo I have both sizes 20 uses 18 watts and the 50 which uses 60 watts..I do my first 3/4 weeks brooding in Unheated Garage seldom seen 40 deg in there .They have been trouble free and Birds love them.It may not be the cheapest option to Buy but on ELECT bill its cheapest I have found. I kinda thought if we had a real coldspell, I could supliment with a bulb if needed.Never needed...cva34
Well, right now for 80 to 100 chicks I have two 250w bulbs running - so one 600w heater wouldn't be that much higher. Plus, if thermostatically controlled, it might not be running all the time, versus the bulbs which are.

Lol, in Texas, I'm surprised you don't need to cool your chicks! Little bit different than northern NY I'm sure.
YOU RIGHT sometimes / lotsa times we have to put Incubators in AC LOL it ain't funny.That part SUX. When we do not know where the ? is comeing from its hard to answer.My wish has always been ; mandatory at least what State you live in to be member .I would just like to know where the answer is being directed to.Not to be knocking at your door...cva34

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