Radiotherapy cures chicken of cancer

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    I went to look but the link doesn't work for me. What is it about?
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    Here is what the link say.................................

    Eve the chicken has become the first of her species in Britain to be cured of cancer using radiotherapy.

    Her owners Elaine and Chris Denney spent more than £1,400 in treatment at the Animal Health Trust in Sussex.

    And the three-year-old Sussex Buff Cross has now been given the all clear by the vets who treated her.

    Eve was initially struck by cancer in her left leg and had to have the limb amputated. The operation left her able to half fly, half hop around the couple's country smallholding in Worcester.

    However, in September last year Eve started to have a build up of scales on her leg which they initially thought was merely a harmless skin infection.

    The couple, who are self-employed accountants, took her to the vets who told them that Eve had developed the disease in her remaining leg and the Denneys faced the heartbreaking prospect of having her put down.

    So they decided to save her life - by paying for surgery to remove the growth, followed by a course of radiotherapy, at a total cost of £1,400.

    Mrs Denney, 43, said: "Eve is a pet to us. It doesn't matter if she has four legs, two, or, in this case, one. She jumps around the garden and responds to her name just like a cat or dog.

    "If we hadn't done anything, she would have had maybe two or three months to live and one of our options was to put her to sleep. But after a lot of soul-searching we decided to do what we could for her.

    "She has so much personality. Anyone with a dog or a cat would probably take the same decision we have with our chicken."

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