Rain and chickens


11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Hi, I'm a chicken noobie, just need to know something.

We have brahma chickens, a little over a month old. They are in a run that is covered, and a coop that's not finished. Rain is starting to fall and they are likely going to get a little wet if the rain blows sideways. They are fully feathered, near as I can tell, so if the temp doesn't drop below, say 60-65F will they generally be ok? They have a couple of places to 'roost' about 6 inches off the ground, but they don't always use it. I know to keep their food dry, but will they die overnight, I'm getting conflicting information. Any insight would be fantastic. Thanks

Thanks for the reply!
I ended up just bringing them in, then today I sprinkled white pine shavings in the run to soak up the leftover water, which was very little then put them back out. I also cleaned out and dried their feeder in case of bacteria setting in overnight.

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