Rainbow Roosters-MI

Autumn D

7 Years
Jul 9, 2012
there is 5 of these cute little guys, all partridge rock bantys from mcmurray hatchery. they have striking colors which is why i called them Rainbow Roosters, they are metalic colored black, purple, red, brown, blue, green, orange, and a bit of yellow in every shade. In other words they are really, really, really, preety, and it would be a shame to put them on the dinner table, but that is exactly what will happen if we can't get rid of them soon. They also are really tame and don't bite, and only crow a little in the morning. The are small enough to fit in you hand, and all get along with each other, which does not come to a suprise, consitering that they have all lived in the same cage since they were chicks. they would not do good if put in with another rooster, being really small, and would get beat up unless there is enough room to get away, thought it is cute when they gang up on one of my big roosters and scare it away. please some one take these guys, they are soooo cute. one problem is that we live in michigain, and it is pick-up only meaning that i can't ship them, we live in Howell, MI, and if you are serious about taking them just message me and i will give you the exact location.

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