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    May 4, 2016
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    I didn't take a pic cuz i had to go quickly to remove this huge snapping turtle. Was raining lightly all day and my girls were free-ranging. I saw a huge female snapping turtle (I believe it was a female as we have a huge sand/gravel driveway and she was probably looking for a place to lay eggs). I have been thinking of tons of predators and trying to make the coop/run predator proof...whether by air or land and I totally didn't even think about snapping turtles. UGG! We live close by a creek and are surrounded by forest. She was right next to the run just staring at the chickens while they were foraging around her. We removed her and placed her in the creek but i am sure she will come back with others too probably. Do any of you know what to do to help with these turtles? I don't want to fence in my yard as we live on 35 acres and i don't want to keep my chickens enclosed in the run and not allowed to free range. My chickens are soon to be 10 weeks old. RIR. I am hoping they are smart enough to stay away from the turtles and not think it is a rock. I am hoping my girls are smarter than that, but they are chickens lol. Any ideas?
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    Sounds like a nice place!

    Never thought about snapping turtle predators. We used to have to avoid them when swimming in the river as kids.

    Sorry I don't have any good suggestions right now, but I will check back if I come up with something.

    Good luck!
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