Rainy weather and food

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    May 27, 2012
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    I have my run covered up pretty well but with this last storm we had it got pretty soggy. I saw today when I did some cleaning that some of the feed that was on the ground had begun to mold which is NOT good. That can make them pretty sick right? I dont remember having a problem with this last year. Anyway, I am moving their food inside the coop for the time being where its dry. I had to scrape down quite a ways to get the soggy feed up off of the ground, man it was stinky. I put two to three inches of pine shavings on the ground inside the run, it usually works pretty well but we got a TON of water in a very small amount of time. There was about 18 inches of water on one of the streets just down a ways from my house. Anyway has anyone else ever had this problem in the winter and what was your fix? Im wondering if I should make a little concrete area inside the run or just put the food inside when it gets super wet. Man I hate winter.
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    Yes, get that mold out asap! And anything you can do to prevent it would be great. Clean outs seems to be so necessary all the time around here. Could you do a mobile tractor? These are the best to help us. Also, you might way to try sand covering gravel now the chickens feet do not need the gravel but the gravel might help it drain. Hope this helps

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