rainy weather flooring for run


10 Years
May 9, 2009
Hi, almost done with the house/run but am really mixed on whether to add wire to bottom of run and cover with dirt (this would have to be on mound of dirt also) or to just lay painted plywood on bottom and putting sand on that (plywood would sit above ground on 2x4's. My backyard slopes down toward house and it floods some in yard. Were not talking huge floods but could get above ground an inch. Plywood method would not be as natural but much easier to keep clean and dry. What do you think? Its just so wet/rainy in our climate, summer does get a little warm (maybe 90). *See BYC page, can't get the pics from there to here for some reason.
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be careful , i think i would build there coop on stilts, get it at least 3 ft higher then u have seen the highest level, if it gets that high how would u feed nd water them?
It is not always an inch, just up to an inch on a heavy down pour. I do fence off part of the yard for the dogs and have put wood chips down in that fenced off part which keeps them from coming in wet and muddy so I know I can do the same for the chickens a tad bit different maybe. I have rain boots on porch and the whole house/run sit next to my porch maybe a few feet to walk. Also, it will be covered with something over top during rainy time. Pics are in my byc page, can't figure out how to get them here.

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