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    I find tidbits making me more and more happy I am raising my own birds for meat and eggs. Also when you can get things form local sources and know the conditions it is beneficial. I know the ranch my organic pasture raised beef and lamb comes from. And found an organic grass-fed dairy to get butter and cheese from... but it is in bulk. Anyhow here is a link backing up why.... here you go.. enjoy.. or not enjoy.



    Another note. I notice that he organic non GMO fed meat, butter, and cheese (grass fed) fills you up faster.. meaning you eat less and the food lasts longer. SO you are

    1) getting better and safe nutrition
    2) consuming less calories and staying thinner.
    3) Your buck goes farther. (even though it tends to cost more it about evens out)
    4) tastes better!

    I need to figure out hot to do cutlets so far I just roast the whole bird or half the bird. Chicken nuggets may become a thing of the past.
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    I can totally relate!!! I watched a video on You Tube that was recorded secretly on the abusive way some companies raise pigs. It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my life. It gave me nightmares and made me cry. Most of the large grocery store chains have quit buying from suppliers who use these abusive practices but Walmart still buys from them. I will never buy another piece of meat from Walmart again!

    We already raise our own chickens and catfish and we have been talking about maybe getting some rabbits. My parents used to raise rabbits for meat when I was growing up and I've missed having it.
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    That's why my freezers are full of my own chicken, pork and goat. Plus fish and venison. Don't have the space to raise a beef, and need to wait until finances are better (and more freezer space lol) to purchase a half locally. We have several local beef ranchers selling halves around $3.50/lb. Can't beat that!
  4. Chic CAN

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    Amen... I have stocked up my freezers too. And the food is good :p

    I have a hankering to try home made jerky in the oven using hamburger :p Need to bing a recipe and give it a whirl.
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    I too stock my 2 freezers with food-- my own lamb and chicken turkey and duck. I bought a meat rabbit to start breeding but I don't have the heart to butcher a rabbit--wish I could get over that because rabbit is one of the best conversions of grasses and legumes into meat.

    Eggs-- I tried scrambling extra eggs with salt and freezing in 2 cup containers and we are using that now that the girls are in molt. Tastes great those dark golden eggs. ANd the last 2 days we are eating duck and turkey. Love the slight chew. After eating them as a roast, they are now in the stew pot. Kids can help themselves when hungry.

    I'm not sure I eat less-- the food tastes better to me so I think I eat more.
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    lol well maybe so. But I only noticed it when I switched the feed to non GMO/organic/complete and soy free feed. Or grass fed. What the animal eats make a difference. but the good thing we know where our meat came from.

    Yeah I don't think I could do a rabbit either.. nor can I bring myself to try it. I don't think they are kosher either.. I 'try' and stick to certain food types. but I give into pork when it comes to pepperoni pizza. I need to learn how to make beef pepperoni. I also eat duck once maybe twice a year. But I raise them. Still very good tasting meat when home grown.. like tomatoes from the garden. no comparison to sore bought!
  7. Arielle

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Massachusetts, USA
    Don't get me started on tomatos!! lol THe store bought ARE like eating cardboard!!

    My birds free range, and I rarely mow the lawn now-- one way to decrease the use of gasoline!! Planning to clear more land to move from endless trees that only provide leaves once a year and the shade to more food based plants.

    WHen I talked to my contact at the mill, we both agreed that it is almost impossible to get non GMO corn as the cross contaimination is a real issue. BUt having said that I am not planning on a lot of corn, and would like to try OLD varieties like from Sand Hill as I think they might be hardier given the conversion of land from woods to fields. THe standard corns that I planted last year did not thrive even in an old horse paddock-- the weeds out growing the corn. Fortunately the sheep loved those weeds and that food source lasted long into the fall, long after the corn would have been harvested. Lesson learned.

    ALso going for legumes: red clover grows taller, white clover great for walkways and paths and high traffic areas.

    Last spring I looked into old fruit types that animals might be likely to eat-- apple drops and such. Including varieties that mature at different times to extend the season. Good deals in the early spring for large quantities of apple whips. Digging a proper hole is the biggest obstacle.

    Squash-- I have a new respect for summer squash-- if left after picking in a cool dry place, just like a "winter" squash it too forms a hard rind and keeps fairly well. I still have 6-7 zuke and summers to feed out to the birds now in mid December.

    As for rabbit-- it tastes very good. My mother bought the dressed and packaged ones locally and we rather enjoyed it. I had tried a lot of different foods and meats by the time I was 20ish. I can't eat octopus and I can't eat oysters in squid ink-- I once hooked a 12 inch squid while fishing and tossed the frightened creature back into the ocean. Poor thing was flashing every color. I was fishing for mackeral that day. Catfish is one of my favorites and look for it at the store-- otherwise I skip the fish area. I can get all the omegs 3's I need from many plant sources-- just google it and you will find a list of foods readily available. We are over fishing the waters and have been for at least the last 25 years. Most people don't remember a time when lobster was so plentiful that the could be picke up at low tide--- so I have read-- long before my time at the shores of Maine.

    I have noticed that if I feed commercial feed only the BBW turkeys taste just like the gorcery store commercially produced bird---- have thought of giving them rabbit feed as a suppliment now that I see how green and full of alfalfa the pellets are.

    Sorry for the long winded response.
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    lol no problem. well before you clear too many trees check ths baby ou . I so want to try it. But I live in rocky clay. My summers also are harsh making veggies difficult to grow. but I finally developed a killer formula and found out too late in the season lol. Next year will be different.


    Here is the feed I use.. it is pricey, but it has all kinds of good stuff in it and I never have to worm my chicken because they put DE in it.


    (Non GMO Organic)

    Layer corn and soy free

    Ingredients: Organic wheat, organic peas, organic canola meal, organic milo, limestone, organic barley, organic sun-dried alfalfa, Redmond Conditioner (clay), organic kelp meal, diatomaceous earth, moncalcium phosphate, Redmond Sea Salt, DL methionine, poultry vitamin & mineral premix, organic garlic granules, organic horseradish powder, organic star anise oil, organic juniper berry oil
    Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein min 17%, crude fat min 3.1%, crude fiber max 6.8%, ash max 16.4%

    Also feed flax and scratch which is corn, milo, sunflower, and wheat

    I bought the 50 lb bag of redmond pink mineral rich salt for $11 from them. I use it for our table salt.. just needs a tad more crushing or grinding but its really nice.
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    I wouldn't buy a single thing from Walmart, but that is just me. Cheap crap in my opinion. If Walmart sells it, then I probably don't need it.
  10. Arielle

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    Feb 19, 2011
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    THat mix of organic non- GMO looks good enough to eat for my breakfast!!

    I was just eying the 2 muscovy drakes that I need to process. Maybe when my son gets home and then he can help me catch them. We processed a young 3-4 month muscovey the other day due to an injury and boy they have a lot of breast meat. Just not a lot of leg meat. ALl tasted good though. yum!

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