Raised coop like the Corrolla,

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    I really like this coop: (bad link), but was wondering if these changes made sense.

    I guess I'll list the things I like and don't like.

    I really like the size. It's great for bantams. I plan to get 4 bantams, 2 seabrights and 2 japanese. I was going to make it 3x3 though (9 foot, 2 foot per bird) this leaves a little space for nest. I want the nest to be simple, but not worried about it right this second.

    Also, I like that it's raised. I was thinkng of the actual coop (not including a frame part) being 2 foot high. With this, I could make the run part 3 foot high (plenty of space) and not have to worry about it being too high. I was going to make the run similar to have the corrolla is.

    I want to have the waterer below the coop. I will have the food up top, since there are mice and other rodents.

    If you have ANY ideas, please help. I'm trying to gather thoughts on this. Anything is helpful. Also, I am going to situate it into a small plot of woods. I would like something cute and maybe cottagey, if you know what I mean. Thanks so much!
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    My Coop
    When I hit that link, I get nothing?
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