Raised scales on legs and toes

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  1. FluffyPuff

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    My pullets are developing some kind of parasite or something on their feet. Their scales are slightly raised and it seems like they get worse with time. My hens have it severely but I just now noticed it in my pullets. I'll try to get pictures in the morning.
  2. FluffyPuff

    FluffyPuff Chirping

    I suspect that it is scaly leg mites. How can I treat it? I'm not interested in spraying the ground with chemicals because they eat bugs...
  3. ThePRfan

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    Sep 27, 2014
    Possibly Mites,or even fleas.I have gave my hens a white powdering type stuff,but sorry I cannot think of the name,but search it on in online poultry shop.Something for mites will show.

    In order for it to work,you must put it in their "Dust" bathing spots.Or bath them in it yourself.Just pat on them like baby powder.Under their wings,back,neck, etc.

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