Raising a bantam breed for conservation.

Joshua G

9 Years
Jul 18, 2013
Hixson, TN
Hi everyone,

I have a lot of experience with larger chickens, but I've never dealt with bantams before. I've been considering raising some Nankin chickens as a conservation effort, and since they are on the ALC's critical watch list.
And so my questions are:

1. Where can I find resources on maintaining the Nankin "Standard of Perfection?"
2. I know some folks find it easier to maintain a breeder trio in cages, is this method the best? I have always preferred free range in a large, fenced-in area. Even a chicken tractor could work, I'm just not sure of the best method for bantams.
3. Do bantams have special needs that their larger counterparts don't necessarily encounter? (Our winters in SE Tennessee are very sporadic in terms of low and high temperatures, but it can sometimes be in the teens for up to a week)
4. Best hatchery for bantam stock?

Thanks in advance!

I haven't found bantams to need anything that big chickens do not,nothing special,accept for feed and waterers to sit lower for reach.

They are more predator targeted.
Same here, although I've never had Nankins. The ALC has very good information about breed conservation. "A Conservation Breeding Handbook" by Sponenberg & Christman. It's very helpful, hopefully still in print. Mary

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