raising an orphan keet


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Sep 4, 2009
A neighbor brought over a keet last night that the mother abandoned when the rest of the eggs were duds. I have my brooder set up still, but the chicks I have are way too big to put it in with. Do they need to have others around to get them eating and drinking? It acts a little dopey, but it sure squawks and it jumped out of the box and got lost in the garage. It was cold last night, near frost and it was still going when I found the little bugger. I thought the box was high enough it couldn't get out. I was wrong. I want to give it the best chances possible, but I'm just not sure what else to do for it.
I must say though, I am quite excited to have one to add to the flock. I thought I wouldn't have any until next spring!
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Sooo, how old are the chicks? That keet should be big enough in 2 weeks to join them, if they will tolerate it. If not, perhaps it can be penned close and in sight of the chickens, so it`s not lonesome. Dip it`s beak in the water and give it a good drink. It will get the idea. It should start eating on its own. Although they are mostly feathers when young like that, they soon appear to have grown faster than chicks and should be big enough to join the others in 2 weeks or less. They are extremely active and should be able to get along by then. I have a lone Brazilian rooster in with 20 keets that are now 2 months old. The rooster is 3 weeks older and has been in with them since they were 3 days old. They are easily 3 times his size and many times more active. Put a screen over that box, or try him in with the older chicks........Pop
Thanks, Pop. The other chicks I have are already 4 and 5 weeks old. This keet looks to be a day or two at the most. They were acting a bit too aggressive around it when I tried putting it in with them, so I moved it up into a box on its own. I have never raised keets/guineas, so I wasn't sure what to expect for growth rate or anything like that. Once our poultry house is ready I can have a separate area for it if needed. This is all exciting for me. I will be more excited when I a cooking up some of my own home-grown chicken. My tag has the list of what we have got here.
Thanks again for the words of wisdom.
Have a great day.

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