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    I wasn't exactly sure which section to post this, so Sorry if I put it in the wrong place.

    I always sell my farm fresh eggs to people all around town (in PA). I recently started incubating chicks and will be looking to sell them. Of course I'm good on marketing strategies and whatnot.

    I'm just wondering when do you think is THE BEST time to sell chicks.? I was thinking around the beginning of spring so I set a bunch to hatch by the end of the month. For all you chick sellers (and buyers) out there... do you sell year round? What exactly is your strategy?

    Also.. at what age do you find people like to buy the chicks? Day olds? weeks old?

    Thank you!!!!
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    Spring/ early summer is best, however it's illegal (in some places) and morally wrong to market them as 'Easter Chicks'. I think people like day olds for their cuteness and then again when they no longer need heat b/c that's easier, and then again as they begin to lay.

    Good luck!

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