raising babies in the heat?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Georgia Nana, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Jul 13, 2011
    Kathleen, Georgia
    I am thinking of adding to my flock of 5 by raising 5 more chicks instead of buying pullets or laying hens. I plan to keep them on my shaded back porch in a dog kennel. My question is this:
    It is HOT AS HADES here in Coastal Georgia, and everybody talks about keeping biddies warm, but nobody mentions if the tiny babies can get too hot just being outside in an enclosed kennel for the first "critical" time. Should I make preparations for excessive heat?
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    Same temperature regime applies. They will be comfy with 90 degree temps for the first week or two. What happens when they are 4 weeks old and the temps are still 90 during the day? They'll likely be acclimated. If your shady area you have in mind doesn't exceed 90 degrees, they will be just fine. Everyone's birds, all over the the US, are enduring 90+ temperatures. It's tough, but not as tough as 95-105 is. Humidity is also complicating the matter.

    For sure, I think you'll want an "open air" arrangement. Being down in a tub with sides would be so stale and stuffy. Best wishes on your venture.
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    i'm in GA also..the chicks will love the heat of the day and will be fine as long as there is ventilation and air flow so they don't overheat but the shaded porch should be great. don't forget that they will still need some heat for night time and the area should be large enough so they can regulate themselves by moving to or from the heat at night. The warm days are great to let the chicks wander through the grass and explore outside..supervised of course...the colder months you can't do that. I am hatching some chicks in a few weeks.

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