Raising baby chickens & ducklings


Mar 8, 2018
California (central valley)
Hey Everyone! Wow I have been reading all your posts and information and have learned so much about raising chickens and ducks. I'm a new country girl..just moved out to the country about 6 months ago. I looove animals so it's my happy place. I went into Tractor Supply on Feb 12th and walked out with 4 ducklings. Went back a week later and walked out with 5 chickens. I currently have them together in a large swimming pool with shavings and a light. They seem to be getting along well. Yesterday the ducks had their first outside outing(chickens seem to small still since they are a week behind ducks) Wondering what treats I should focus on giving them..so far they love peas and cheerios. Are they old enough for minnows and millworms? I am having so much fun with them. I handle them daily and they still don't seem very friendly which is disappointing to me.. and recommendations on that also. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Side note...i can't believe how fast these ducks have grown!!!


Mar 10, 2018
Yes,ducks grow extremely faster then a chicken does.

I feed my mealworms while their at least three days,and by a week old their usually eating veggies and things you mentioned.I have never fed my ducks minnows but I don’t think it will hurt them
Ducks that I have had in the past will go to our pond and catch fish and frogs all on their own,I think it would be fun to fill a kittypool up and let the minnows free to swim while the ducklings fish for them.

As far as getting them friendly I’d spend lots of time with them.Hand feed,call to feed as if their mother would,pet and pick as often as you can.How old are they?And even if you can’t spend a good amount of time with them,it shouldn’t effect building a relationship.I use to be able to only come down on the weekends to my grandparents farm during my chicks most crucial stage and they always end up very close to me,but I also spend a whole weekend outside with them.
Several of my chickens allow petting and being picked up.They will y’all to me and if I even make a call they come running.It just takes a lot of time and patience.
Good luck

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