Raising baby chicks at room temperature in the summer


Jul 10, 2015
I wanted to share my experiences with raising baby chicks at room temperature. This is my second time trying it after a successful first attempt. It helps that I live in an area that gets pretty hot in the summer. July and August temps are typically between 85 and 100 degrees during the day. I put a large plastic storage container elevated on top have a stable surface near a window for some light in the garage. I chose the garage because it stays the warmest. It also makes cleaning easier. I was paranoid about trying heat lamps because of fire issues and I just think having light the whole time isn't the greatest. The first time I did this a few years ago it went perfectly. I'm trying it again, and because we had a couple of days that dipped into the low 80s, making the overnight a little cooler than I wanted, I created a little box for them. I just went around and found an old camera box that was the right size took out all its innards and wrapped it in some fleece from old pajamas. Inside I put some straw and shredded fleece. I made the fleece too small for them to get tangled up in but too big for them to swallow or eat. I was worried about ventilation issues, so I cut a hole in the front and then popped the side down to make a little fleece cave on the side that would be an area a chick could move into if they felt a little crowded. I have a heating pad I stick to the side. I thought about putting it underneath and leaving it on overnight but, again I'm worried about potential fire hazard. I use the heating pad, however, to provide supplemental heat for a little bit here and there...on low. The chicks seem to be fairly comfortable. The first night I stuck them in the box and they stayed all night. I have a little camera I keep on them that has a temperature sensor. I've noticed a couple of times they might be huddled together but they'd soon be out and about and eating and scratching. As a bonus, they love the little insulated box I made them as a jungle gym. Anyway I'm curious if other people have had experiences raising chicks at room temperature during summer without having to use heat lamps or other external heat sources? I have a photo of my little box. It's not pretty but it's all stuff around the house that I repurposed. You'll see the little Bai base. I initially used that to keep bedding contained and make cleaning easier.


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Haven't tried this myself, but it seems during the summer at least, quite a few people have success without supplemental heat sources. Glad it's going well for you! Enjoy those babies while they're small!

BTW, Welcome! Happy to have you!
I can't speak for chicks straight out of the Incubator, but this last batch of 10, 1 week old Cochins, we got the end of July from TSC, are doing great. The are in the Living Room with AC running at 70!
We put up the heat lamp and they moved away. We Raised the heat lamp and still no interest. We turned the lamp off, the peeps started roaming around and acted fine. They did, cuddle together to sleep. 3 weeks in, no losses and 10 healthy girls getting ready to be moved to a 4'×7' Secure Grow Out area in the big coop. Hoping for a smooth transition with the 4 month old Teens...JJ
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