raising baby quails


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Apr 25, 2013
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SUBJECT: Quails​

I think quail are a very good pet for children they are easy to look after and don't take much care. They also keep you company when you need it.​

SPACE:they need a square foot of space (12x12) to run and play​

keep them at 37C at all times if they go over 37C take the off lid and let them cool down.If it stay at 20C to 25C put a blanket on the bottom, sides and over the top to keep it more warmer.To keep them warm in the container put a heat pad on the bottom of the container under the heat pad put cardboard or use a heat ligth but not a white heat ligth because they will eat each other.

you only have to do this for 5 weeks after they hatch to keep the warmer, don't play with the baby quails until they are about 2 to3 weeks old. why you keep the quails warm and care for them for the 5 weeks.

you will have to keep the container clean to stop mould and that will stop the quail getting a disease and dying.

FEED:feed them chinken nibbles because they will be to big for the new born quail use a mortar and pestle to turn them into powder, that makes it easier for new born quail to eat.so the quails have a drink give them water but do not put to much water because they will drown themself.

do not put fully grown quail together with new born quail they will attack each other, make sure you do not put to many male quails together if you do they could eat each other, and you do not want that happening.

after the quails have been keep warm for 5 weeks put them outside in a cage so nothing can get to them and kill them, make sure the cage is big enough for the quails to run and play.

thank you for reading this and i hope it gives you good ideas on looking after quails please comment if you need to know anything else about quails​

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