Raising Bantams and Standards together?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Thiriel, Dec 27, 2016.

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    I've never raised chicks before and the breeder I'm thinking of buying from has both standard and bantams of the breeds I want. i was wondering, would it be alright to order some of both and raise them in the same brooder? I'm planning on using Mama Heating pad (as seen from here https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/956958/mama-heating-pad-in-the-brooder-picture-heavy-update) can I brood them together or do I have to brood them apart?

    Any help would be appreciated [​IMG]

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    I have brooded standard and bantam breeds together and than separate them out when it's time to go to their own coops.The bantam do okay. I don't use the heating pad though. I like the my heat lamp and the control I have over what temperature they are. Bantams may get pushed around under the pad. Hopefully someone more familiar with using them can let you know.
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    It's perfectly fine to brood both Bantams and Standers togather, I did it, you just have to check on your Bantams to make sure hey are getting enough food/water and aren't getting stepped on, ect centra.
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    Although I have never raised bantams, I did have a situation where I was brooding 6 1-week old chicks with 8 3-week old chicks. I had a large brooder, and put a mesh/wire divider in the brooder so they could see and hear one another. After a few weeks, I took the divider out, and supervised them a bit (I used a baby monitor, because they screech if anything happens), and they were all mostly fine. I suppose the size difference with bantams and standards might be similar.

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    I've raised Bantams and Standards together, and Silkies together under MHP and never had an issue. Never separated them as they got older, either. In fact, they are still out there all together. I like using MHP anyway, but in my experience it proves itself once again with chicks of mixed sizes because they can all regulate their own comfort level so well - the smaller ones that seem to need a little more warmth for longer just use the pad more, while the bigger ones are more content to stay toward the front our even out totally where it's a bit cooler. So it's worked very well for me.

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