Raising Buddies: Hatches from 05/15/12 - 06/05/12?


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Mar 14, 2011
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Okay so over on the Hatching Fourm we have "Hatching Buddies", I thought is would be fun to start a group of "Raising Buddies". Kind of talk about what to expect and the fun of it all. Since my incubator broke, no more hatching for me this year.

My group hatched on May 20 & May 21st. I have 11 Barnevelder Babies (9 of which are from Trisha on BYC, if you like Barnies you should see hers, tls_ranch). I also picked up some babies from my local feed store (who gets them from Ideal) , 3 Speckled Sussex and 2 White Plymouth Rocks. This thread is about their journey :)!
5 from Feed Store - Should be 5 Pullets

Here are 5 Barnevelders from Trisha (Out of the 9, I think I have 4 Pullets and 5 Roos)
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Yep, that is why I put it out till 06/05 (just in case)
Here they are on their first time outside, bet you can't figure out which 2 are the White Plymouth Rocks

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Timely thread!! I got my chicks, they are three and a half weeks old, and in that three weeks I finally finished the last touches on my coop and run. Just in time, too, since they were getting way to wild for the brooder box!

I have five pullet chicks, "Wyatt" (GL Wyandotte), "Fat Albert", (Australorp), "Inspector Sussex" (Speckled Sussex), "The Gangsta", (Cuckoo Marans), and "Chickbert", (Easter Egger)
and one little Dark Cornish roo, Sir Roo, Duke of Cornwall. (yes, they are pets)

They seem to like their coop, I'll let them out into the run later this weekend. This morning I had my coffee in the coop with them, sitting in the corner while they climbed onto my lap. I gave them each a morning mealworm. Then they noticed a mosquito flying around, but none of them are test pilot quality yet, so I put my hand down on the floor of the coop (an invitation for an elevator ride) and the Inspector, who has always been the bravest, hopped aboard. I took her up to the window where the mosquito was hovering; she waited for it to land, and then nailed it! What a good bird she is!

They are way too cute. Now they are staring suspiciously at their first ever slice of watermelon. They're trying to sneak up on it. Hah! I'm betting it will be gone by tonight's welfare check.

When I can get my homey photographer to take some shots for me, I'll post pics.
They are adorable! They're probably the only Snow you'll see in Texas, but I imagine you could confuse the other one with Cotton!

The Barnvelders look like chipmunks; How cute! (How about Theodore, Simon, and Alvin, for starters.... and Chip and Dale, but then when they grow up, they won't look like chipmunks anymore!)

It's great to have children to help you name them, it's a good use for children. They are such a blessing in so many ways. Mine are adult and gradually leaving home, so the chickens are my answer to empty nest syndrome.
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Maybe I can use that for the Speckled Sussex Girls, since there are three of them, each has a different amount of white on their underwing so I should be able to tell them apart. As for the Barnies, I don't like naming when I don't know if I can keep (i.e. Roos) so they get named later :)

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