Raising chickens and Guinea hens together

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by fowl farm, May 14, 2012.

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    May 9, 2012
    I was wondering if anyone can give any basic information about raising guineas and chickens together. I mainly was wondering which was best- Male guineas or female guineas? I have 6 ducks and 10 chickens (1 rooster and 9 hens), and how should I house them (the guineas)- With the chickens or alone? They'll be free range. In fact, all the fowl will be free range. Thank You! :)
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    Just to avoid any issues that can/may occur (usually during the breeding season), if possible then I would raise the Guineas by themselves, in their own coop and pen, unless your coop is large enough to divide a section off just for the Guineas. Small coops with mixed flocks are not always a good combo. And of course letting everybody free range together during the day would be fine since you have so much land and they should all be able to avoid each other and any squabbling. You will definitely want/need to have a place to lock those birds up at one point or another tho, I can pretty much guarantee it, lol. If later on down the road everyone gets along fine with no fighting and wants to share the same coop, then you will already have an extra coop/pen for raising more Guineas!
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    Dec 23, 2011
    I have 2 male and 3 female guineas housed with my 7 chicken hens and 2 male ducks. They do have a large chicken house and a large run and they free range most of the time. The male guineas do run the chickens away from the guinea hens -- I think just for the fun of it. But I really have no problems with them -- they all roost together too.
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    Guineas good yard pets, And as I always do is house all together, Except for my Ducks, And Geese they stay out in the fence at night, The other pet fowl stay in their coop at night. Then I let my Geese And Ducks out in the morning, When the chickens come out they eat the I will let them out of their fence to roam the yard all day, No much Ticks Nor Fleas, My Guineas And chickens keep it the bugs down, I always let the baby guineas grow up with the other animals. This helps to get all use to each other.[​IMG]
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