Raising Chickens = Cheep Therapy.......

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    When ever my husband starts to complain about the feed bill I remind him that my chickens and critters are my "cheep" therapy. I often suffer from depression & pain, and at times they have been my only reason for getting up and getting going in the morning instead of staying in bed. When he was in the Navy on endless deployments, they kept me busy, often too busy to worry where he was or what kind of danger he was in. When I had trouble with my family I could go out and have a cry, with all the boys and gals standing around me, with those sideways chicken faces that make me smile, the horses warm breath in my hair, the emu restyling my hair, the turkeys puff'n and strutt'n waiting for me to gobble to them........ When we had deaths in the family, and I was very sad and felt numb, their would be the wee little chicks poking out from underneath the feathers of their mom, or the eggs I forgot were in the bator, started hatching, reminding me how special and wonderful life is. Their loss has made me heart broken more times then I'd like, but their life and funny antics of just being a chicken have brought me more joy then money ever could. One can be loved by a dog, it's in their nature, but to be loved back by a chicken, is special. If I had to go to therapy and tell someone all the things that my chickens and critters know about me.......... I'd be a poorer person for sure...............

    One of my reasons for smiling every day......
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    Apr 11, 2009
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    I totally agree! [​IMG]
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    agree with you on the therapy part!

    though my dh looks at me like i'm crazy, at least i have my birds that understand!

    if only my mom could get a few chickens past one of her neighbors, she wouldn't need the prozac anymore. she loved when i hatched mine and loved to see the real ones strutting their stuff, especially the roos!
  4. Hoosiermomma

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    Jun 6, 2009
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    I second that too. Many times after a stress filled day I go outside and watch chicken tv to unwind....nothing like it in the world! [​IMG]
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    I do ducks instead of chickens, but it's the same. I try to tell people that my ducks have been life changing. They look at me like I'm crazy. I try to tell them, "but I'm not crazy anymore because of the ducks!" lol.... I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for sharing that. It's good to hear that others get the same cheep therapy I do.

  6. chickenzoo

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    Yep, my ducks and geese help too.................. they always seem to be nibbling on something and doing something silly.....
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    i set up my pop up awning and put the screen sides on it. then grabbed the 2 young cockerels and my EE pullet and put them inside for a little 'vacation' from the others in the coop. grabbed my chair and sat out there with them for about an hour or two.

    i started dozing off and then i felt this little tug at my shirt sleeve to look down at my black houdan/polish looking up at me saying 'i'm coming up for my attention now!' he jumps up to the arm and settles down on my knee for a pat. and them my ee lady and my bantam cochin cockerel follow suit.

    such sweet kids! all they ask of me is treats, a nice home and all the attention i can give them.

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