Raising Chickens in Lake Placid, NY - First scarey Issue!!

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    We have a 13 week old ancona hen that suddenly went lifeless yesterday and fell off a perch. My Daughter happened to be standing there and tried to catch her but was not able. She brought the chicken inside to my husband and within a 2-3 min. she started to open her eyes, looked a bit dazed, and had labored breathing. About 6-10 min later she was running around, eating, drinking - so they put her back in the coop with the other 19 chickens and kept an eye on her. I got home a hour later and checked her every 1/2 hour or so until 9:00pm and she was perfect! Running, jumping up on perches, eating, drinking..... and the other hens didn't treat her any different. All was well so I let them be for the night. This morning I went into the coop and the ancona was laying belly up on the floor, legs staight out, and head fallen to the side. I was sure she was dead so I grabbed a pair of gloves and picked her up - to find a faint heart beat. I held her upright and within a few minutes her eyes opened and she picked up her head and chirpped a few times. I held her for about a 1/2 hour while the family put together a large aquarium for her in the house. She has eaten yogurt and applesause (hasn't touched the pellets), drank water on her own, layed down, walked around..... seems fine. Her comb is still vary small based on age/breed and is a light pink, no discharge from nose/mouth, breathing ok, poop looks normal, she has been able to fall asleep although being in the house with cats, dog and people is very odd for her which could explain the little nervous shake that she has. Her skin, feathers, and feet look fine????? I am so BAMBOOZLED. Has anybody delt with this?

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    Welcome to BYC. Inspect her for lice/mites, especially around her vent area. If it's not external parasites, it possibly could be a vitamin deficiency. Ensure she is fed ONLY starter/grower feed. I recommend that you purchase poultry nutri drench at your feed store and give no more than 3 drops by mouth a day for 5 days. Dont give her anymore past the 5th day, it can cause diarrhea. Hopefully this should help her if it's a vitamin/mineral issue. Edited to add: Also try giving her Vitamin E for 5 days as well. I believe the liquid gel caps are what is recommended. Use a needle to puncture one end of the gel cap and squeeze a couple of drops in her mouth for her to swallow.
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