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    Hello everyone,

    I am curious for feedback from others who raise their chickens in town, in village limits, where there is ample car traffic noise, and curiosity from neighbors and their pets or children.

    We just got six Buff Orpingtons yesterday from Tractor Supply. We will sell 2 when they are feathered out and keep 4 of them. They are LOVING their MHP mama heat pad cave--THANK YOU for that idea BYC!! So much better than the heat lamp for our situation...lil brooder in the dining room:)

    Our first time having chickens, we lived on a dirt road in the country, lots of space and peace and quiet.
    We have recently moved (job-related) and down sized to a house in a small village in Mid MI.
    We are excited we are permitted to have a few hens since we kept our coop!

    I'm wondering though, will the girls be accustomed to the road noise since they will grow up with it, or will it be startling and bad for their development? They will have a fenced grass area, and a very secure coop-but the environment here is just so different from having chicks in the country.

    I wanted to ask for advice and stories from those of you who have or do raise chickens in town.
    How do you dispose of waste when you clean your coop? Does it bother your neighbors when your hens sing their 'egg-laying song'? (We didnt have neighbors for many years-its quite an adjustment to having a 65 ft wide lot now!)
    I sit on my front porch and the exhaust from the trucks sometimes gets me...should I worry bout my chickens with that?
    The girls will have to deal with headlights at night, and horn honking (our neighbors family & friends all toot when they drive by)...will that startle them?
    I am hoping they will just acclimate to their surroundings and be fine, but would LOVE to hear from experienced chicken owners who live in a town or village!!
    Thanks so much!!
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    Nov 17, 2016
    They will be fine.
    I'm betting they'll adjust easier than you will.
    I hated city life after being in the country.
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