Raising Chickens is becoming a wide spread addiction

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    We have 120,305 members now!!! This place is packing up quick. Were getting more members every day! And there are plenty more chicken raisers out there who don't know about BYC.............yet. I read the local newspaper a while back, and there was an article about how more and more people are raising chickens, it mentioned BYC, and Rob(Nifty). It was saying all sorts of stuff about chickens and how it's becoming a new "fad" like raising a dog or cat. So either, there was absolutely no other (better) stories for the paper to print for them to settle with an article on chickens..........or raising chickens is becoming such a wide spread phenomenon that they absolutely had to put it in the paper. And have you seen the number of people doing the easter egg hatch along? And the number of new members each day?WOW.............and it keeps on adding up...........chickens are taking over............yess!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    I have very serious doubt on the numbers of people, and how many of them just are "alias" or just pop up one day and disappear?

    Seriously, not all those 120 thousand some people would be online. Only the very dedicated you see in here often are the ones that use this site more frequently.

    Is it really 120,000? I doubt it. Go over the list and you will find ALOT of "inactive" members that has not posted for a good while.
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    Yeah, there might be some inactive members, but we get lots of new active members each day, you can see the number of members on the home page. And were always gaining a hundred or so members each day. Even if theres "inactive" members, that does still doesn't deny the fact that they have and raise chickens.........Way more people have chickens than the number of members on BYC, and that both numbers is still growing.................
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