Raising chickens with illness

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    May 14, 2015
    Ok so I recently had some funky bloodwork test come back abnormal and so far it is pointing to Lupus or something else..My question is does anyone have lupus and raise chickens?Does it pose any threat to your condition? My daughter take cares of them basically her self but I am exposed bcause I can not stay away from my babies but dang it I feel so sick [​IMG]
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    So sorry about your health issue. [​IMG] I don't have lupus but know a number of folks who do have it. The most difficult part is getting the right diagnosis so treatment can be started. The medications lower your immunities to help reduce the progress of the problem but in turn make you more susceptible to catching and fighting infections. But most can live a normal life and feel better once the treatment starts to work.

    IMO enjoy your flock but protect yourself and avoid the chores that are the highest risk - cleaning the coop would be the top concern. Glad your daughter can handle the day to day things and hopefully the "dirty" part of the flock management. Make sure you change your clothes, shoes, and keep your hands washed.
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    Maybe wearing a dust mask would help also, when around the birds.

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