Raising Chicks & Ducks in the same coop

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FireflyTX, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Feb 8, 2017
    I have 10 baby chicks and next Monday they will be 4 weeks old and going out in the coop with their Brinsea Ecoglow heat plate. After I remove the heat plate I was going to get 2 baby ducks and put them in my make shift brooder that I raised the chicks. I was going to get them to about 3-4 weeks and put them out in the coop with the chicks. I really want ducks for pest control in my garden.

    I understand that ducks make quite a mess with water. What kind of watering system do you all use so the ducks don't make a mess in the coop. A nipple waterer? A regular waterer that is up high enough for them to stick their bill in and drink but not mess around? I am planning on making them a small watering hole outside for during the day so they can play in that.

    Also, everything is going to be pasture raised. No run. Will the ducks put themselves up at night with the chickens?

    Any advise on this situation would be appreciated.
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    I don't have a waterer in my coop, but in the run I have one of the "sparklets" style waterers that is suspended from the ceiling about 5-6 inches above the ground. As such they can sip from the bowl but cannot walk, scratch stand on or poop in it. As to how well it would prevent spillage from them bumping into it I don't know, it's outdoors so I never took that into account, but I'm sure there is some way it could be prevented if I had to.
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    Feb 8, 2017
    So are they shut in their coop at night? Mine will be as they will be pasture raised. I'm sure they will need water overnight.
  4. Of course you can try it......
    My Ducks hate my Chickens and they were raised together as babies.....I have two separate set ups...my Chicken coop and run and my Duck run......a fence up to keep everyone apart......

    Ducks cant drink out of nipple waterers....Also they can go all night without water and food......only Ducklings need food and water at all times......

    Best of luck and its worth trying.......Always have a plan B in order if the fight.......

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    I haven't used a nipple waterer so I can't speak from experience but I have been looking into that kind of setup maybe if I decide to hatch some ducklings. This is my first year so I'm still learning. I've seen quite a few posts from people that have used them for their ducks with success as long as they have a separate water tub or pool for cleaning up. I read an article in metzer's blog that mentioned they use them also. Maybe it's easier to teach them to use one when they're still babies? As for putting themselves to bed at night, mine sometimes do, but when they don't they know the routine and it doesn't take long to get them closed up.

  6. The nipple water system is not good for Ducks....They need to dunk their head in water and drink more gulps of water or they choke on their food.....Try it?......

    Best of luck.....


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