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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Tiana Rose, Feb 11, 2017.

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    So, I am starting over this year with all new baby chicks. We would like to get six of them. I am wondering when the best time to buy them would be. I want to raise them outside in the chicken house this time. I can close off the hole to the run so they will just be inside. The house part of it is raised off the ground a few feet and is about 4 x 6. I will have the heat lamp set up in there. We live in eastern Washington and there is still snow on the ground, however, I have heard of people raising them outside in the garage and figure this would not be much different. I do have to open the door to check on them but as long as the wind is not howling when I do it I figure it would be ok and they would just huddle under the lamp after I left till it warmed up again. Last time I tried this I raised them inside in a plastic tote but they outgrew it so quickly and the dust got everywhere. Would it be ok to get them at the end of Feb/beginning of March? Or should I wait till April? I want to make sure they start laying this time before winter hits us again.
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    Well back up 7 months before winter hits you----get them before then----you should be ok. For such a small amount of chicks I use a hanging dome fixture---hanging towards one end of the inside of a plastic storage tote with a 40 watt bulb---the bulb about 6" off the floor(raising as needed as they grow)----Having one end cut completely out of the tote. They can then go and get in the area of the heat/light when needed with the wind blocked off on 3 sides.
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