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Mar 13, 2014
Well, I've had pretty good luck hatching and raising my chicks for a beginner. I've only lost one who looked underdeveloped. My question is how can you determine sex in the egg. I want hens and 3 out of 4 turn out to be roosters. I'm over run with young roosters and only a few pullets.


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Dec 23, 2015
Here's a good way to tell.
this way to tell if it is a boy or a girl is not perfect, but it is a highly educated guess.
here is what you do, you can hold the chicken on its back.
If it starts kicking, then it is most likely a boy because boys tend to like to fight back.
If it kicks just a little or not at all it is most likely to be a girl.
You can also tell whether it is a boy or girl with a different method.
You can hold it by the back of the neck like a cat would do to its chicken.
And the results of the first one apply.
Hope this helps!


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I believe the OP is asking how to tell the sex of a chick in the egg BEFORE it's hatched. There have been a few people on BYC who are experimenting with egg shape as a determining factor. You can type in Egg Shape Determining Sex in the search box above and see what it turns up. A very dear friend of mine, Lazy Gardener, has been experimenting with this but I don't remember the details or results. Good Luck - this is the Holy Grail of chicken production and I'd bet that if there was any surefire way to do this the hatcheries would have been all over it.

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