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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by treehouse, Jan 24, 2009.

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    I am getting 4 ducks
    I have 10 week chics I would like to put them together eventually but as babies right now what are my temperature requirements?
    I read that their system does not adapt to any medications in feed so I was going to purchase a seperate non-medicated chic starter?
    any help is greatly appreciated:D
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    They need a gamebird starter feed for higher protein and add brewers yeast for niacin as they require more of it too. If you can't get that choose a higher protein chick starter that is labled for duckings/goslings/turkeys also.

    They don't need the intense heat chicks do initially but they do need to be kept snuggly warm.

    You need to watch them with water as they will be want to play in it and can drown easily.

    They should not have access to swimming water without supervision and the water should be warm and the duckling should go from there straight into a dry warm brooder to rest.

    Ducks are extremely messy. Poop and water and mess all the time.

    Chicks and chickens do not like poop and water and mess all the time. They are also more likely to get sick from being in the mess the ducks make.

    The ducks and chicks/chickens will be better served to each have their own place to live and play.

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