Raising gosling who imprinted on goose...


Apr 20, 2016
I just picked up 2- 2 and a half weeeks old female Pilgrim goslings. they were hatched by and stayed with Mama goose with very little human contact. They are quite a bit smaller than my male Pilgrim gosling that is 3 days younger as well. The owner siad she fed them "some" grains but not much.
Question is... how do I get them to bond with us? I know they miss their mama goose and it may take some time. They will not take food from us. They scream and hiss when we go in to pet them. Should I just leave them be for a couple of days or continue to pet hold and ove them? I have them quarantned from my other babies. Pics are of the 2 girls I just got and the boy I hatched.


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