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    Hi I am looking into raising Barred Rock Hens from chicks. Is that a good breed? I am going to buy them from Welp Hatchery. . . is that a good hatchery. they say that they Priority mail them to you the day they are born but to me that sounds too young. Also what is a pullet ? Sorry for all the questions [​IMG]
    Here is the link to Welp's Hatchery
    Thank You
    ~ Quailbuddy
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    Jun 28, 2009
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    Welp will be a generally good hatchery. I think all of their birds are from Privett Hatchery so they will actually be shipped from New Mexico.

    Chicks are only shipped as day old because their yolk sack will keep them nourished for about 3 days after they hatch. Therefore, the hatchery has 3 days to get them to you and settled before they start to expire. After that you need to wait a few weeks to ship live birds, and even then it should be overnight delivery.

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