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    Tomorrow will be day 18 for my hatch and suddenly my humidity has dropped from around 34% to 29% and I can't get it back up. I've tried plugging both vent holes, filling the resevoirs, I have three wet sponges in their with a shallow bowl of water even and I've misted the inside...it won't budge....I just took out the vent caps to see if that makes any difference at all..I just don't know what to do. I need to get it cranked up by tomorrow and it's going to drive me crazy....

    plug the vent holes or keep them open?
    mist the eggs or not?
    what to do?

    To top it off, I have 6 duck eggs in their with the chicken eggs that have to still be turned for another week...so I need to be able to open the bator for about 15 seconds every day these last days...sigh.

    As of candling a few days ago, I'm only sure of 2 of the 6 welsummer eggs, and 5 of my 6 pekin duck eggs (one of which is refrigerated).


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    Something must be wrong with your hygrometer. Or the ambient air must be really dry. Can you move your bator to the bathroom? That way you could run the shower on hot and steam up the room. See if that along with your other measures does anything to the humidity. Or you could run a humidifier right by the incubator.

    You needs those vents open for air exchange. The little guys can die in the shell if they don't have enough ventilation.

    Is the sponge up on it's edge? That would create more surface area. Try putting a clean sock in there with one end in the water. The water will wick up into the sock and put more humidity in the air.
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