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    Aug 27, 2017
    Hey everyone I have seen posts about raising in door ducks and we recently had a baby hatch from eggs that our Mallard abandoned and it is super attached to us way more than our other ones were. I saw that some use diapers with their ducks and I wanted to see about the changing of the diapers and if I should make my own or buy them off love anything will help.
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    Here is probably info over load but hopefully you can find some info here.

    Link won't work I'll see if I can find info. I cannot find the indoor duck thread but here is one you may like https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/before-you-get-a-house-duck.1170301/#post-18413282

    If your handy with sewing you might try you tube for ideas on making a diaper. I bought mine, but soon just went to vinegar/water and paper towels for clean up but I have old wood floors.
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    You might also want to get it another Duckling and raise them to become outdoor Ducks?....Its actually better for them and you in the long run...
    Best wishes....:frow
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