Raising keets & ailments in keets


May 23, 2015
I am new to Guinea fowl and we decided to raise 6 meets this year. I ordered & picked the little ones up from the place I have gotten all my chicks in the past. Day one all 6 were drinking from the brooder cap just fine & were perky & moving around exploring their brooder between naps under their EcoGlow. Day 2, one of the keets looked lethargic & was curled into a fetal position with his head tucked. We fed him water w/electrolites by dropper & got some mushed up feed into him every few hours. occasionally he would stand up & look pretty good, but then he would fail again. He held on for a couple of days but died this morning at day 4. Yesterday a second keet started show same signs & despite our attempts to hydrate & feed him, he too died this morning. A third keet is now going down the same route... any ideas what's going on or what we can do? The remaining 3 look & act perfectly healthy... but then this time yesterday we had 5 healthy keets.

I have never lost any chicks before, so this is very puzzling. Any help/ides/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

red horse ranch

8 Years
Jan 24, 2014
Buffalo Wyoming
It sounds to me like the babies got chilled somewhere along the way. Are you sure it's warm enough under the Ecoglow? With no drafts? Keets are very delicate when it comes to heat. Chances are they just got chilled in shipping.
So sorry you are losing them. I hope the other 3 make it.

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