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    What should we expect of chicks from a BO roo and hens of the following breeds?
    Black Australorpe

    We're not breeding for profit, just to supplement our own egg-laying flock and some extra food for the stewpot. The excess roos will be raised for culling. Right now, I make enough off our egg sales to break even with food and other costs.

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    Well, a BO roo over BR hens will yield all barred cockerels so you'll be able to sex them when their feathers come in, for sure. Just know about Barred Rock hens and their sons from experience, LOL.
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    The BO roo with the BR and SLW hens should give you sexlinked chicks. The chicks out of the BR hen should be black with roos having a yellow dot on their heads and pullets don't have the dot but may sport some reddish colour on the head an throat. Not 100% sure what colour you will get with the SLW, but males should look destincltivly different from female chicks(I am guessing hens will be buff and roos some sort of silverish).

    Hope this helps,
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    So, sexlinked means they can be sexed by feather appearance? And, from what I have read, sexlinks are known for their egglaying?

    Thanks so much.
    Are there any good sites you can recommend about these subjects?

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